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One of the most important lessons I have learned in the recent years is that we all possess the tools to live our most wonderful life.
Fly has evolved in an effort to remind us of this fact and to help inspire us to transcend the fears that hold us back.

I am incredibly blessed to call Julie Bond Genovese my dear friend.
Since middle school I have been able to experience the magic Julie brings to the world via her artwork and writing. She does not think of everyday things in mundane terms, she adds light, magic and whimsy to everything. In addition to being an artist, Julie just wrote her first book Nothing Short of Joy. For those familiar with Dr. Wayne Dyer, he wrote Nothing Short of Joy "is a masterpiece that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a magical world of joy.
I love this book. I love this woman. Read it and reap."

So, when I began contemplating the creation of my own line, my first thought was to contact Julie and see if she would bring her talent and light to the project.
I asked her to create a line drawing of angel wings with four hearts below representing my four children. Each heart would have one of the words I find most important to a joyous life.

  • Live
  • Love
  • Laugh
  • Leap

The word Live seems self-explanatory, however besides the biological reference I believe it is equally important emotionally. Live. Say yes, expand your comfort zone. The sense of empowerment that comes from expanding your world and taking chances is life altering.

The word Love is key. There is a saying: Love conquers all. I truly believe that this is true. Of course we love our family and friends but if we enter all relationships with love I think many of our troubles would be solved. If there are two fundamental emotions in the world, love and fear, and we choose love, we would no longer be faced with jealousy, hatred, war, prejudice and anger. It also refers to loving the Earth. We need to begin caring for her in earnest in order to bring her back to health.

Laugh, again, appears to be an obvious choice. I've heard studies done regarding how many times children laugh per day versus adults and it's heartbreaking. In order to laugh you must be present and in the moment. Humor can't exist when you are distracted. Finding and acting on humor can become a habit and goes hand in hand with a general positive outlook.

The word Leap is so powerful. Essentially, when you jump you can see where you will land. Leaping, however, is an act of faith. You don't know where you will land, but you do it anyway. People with joy in their hearts have confidence that the Universe is conspiring for their success and well-being, so they will leap and embrace the journey.

How does all this tie in with the name of our company, Fly? Well, when the four previously discussed elements are in harmony, then and only then can you truly Fly. Flight is the state of being when you are present and engaged and everything and anything is possible. Fly was conceived when I received Julie's first Fly masterpiece. I knew the minute I saw it that this drawing was the beginning of something special.

My hope is that you wear your Fly clothing with a
new feeling of possibility.
I believe in my heart of hearts that the sky is the limit
if we follow our dreams, and we all truly do have wings,
and we truly all can fly.





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